Hostile Terrain 94 coming in 2020.


In the fall of 2020, 94 locations around the globe will install the exhibition “Hostile Terrain 94” to raise awareness about America’s brutal immigration enforcement policy known as “Prevention Through Deterrence” that has claimed the lives of thousands of people since 1994. For more information on the exhibit and how to get involved visit our new website

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Hostile Terrain Exhibition Opens January 24th, 2019

Our new exhibition “Hostile Terrain” is now open January 24th-April 25th, 2019 at the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster PA. Info can be found here. 

Hostile Terrain is a multimedia installation focused on different sensory engagements with the complex (and often ambiguous) world of clandestine migration. It builds on anthropological data collected by the Undocumented Migration Project, a decade long research endeavor that uses archaeology, forensic science, ethnography, and visual anthropology to understand the violent social process of border crossing between Mexico and the United States. Highlighting the discomfort that comes with knowing that there is no easy resolution to our global humanitarian migration crisis, Hostile Terrain both translates and transforms anthropological data into a sensorial experience while challenging the viewer to avoid the overly simplified analogy of the heroic/tragic migrant.

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